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From The Head Instructor: Update January 18th 2021.
The ZOOM classes have proven to be an amazing replacement for normal class training during the COVID shutdown.
We were shutdown in March and went to ZOOM thinking it would be only a 3 month thing. As we all know those early predictions from authorities were way off.
Beginning of 2020 we had 7 people nominated for the Black Belt Grading in December. Then the shutdown!
Very pleased to say that apart from one of the listed contenders who stopped training at that point, not only did we maintain momentum, but the remaining 6 students all made grading in December and graded at a very high standard. Existing Black Belts can be very proud of their efforts.
Big shoutout of congratulations to Steven Rares, David Goldbaum, Skye Williams-Kelly, Ryan Lee, Anthony Lee and Matthew Wolfenden.
We have seen so many positives from the ZOOM training so far.
Many people had major breakthroughs in technique and we have tried to mirror normal class training as much as possible. Having taught 10,000+ classes over nearly 28 years (1 March) has definitely helped.
The classes have been a really positive support in all the areas of Mind and Body Fitness during a difficult year.
Looking forward to seeing everyone again tonight as we move onwards and upwards in 2021.
The ZOOM classes have allowed people in New York, California, UK to jump in. We even have a returned student (after a 26 year absence) training regularly, and very well, from Byron Bay.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking Taekwondo training can’t work online.
The Black Belt grading of 6 students was our biggest number in 28 years.
If you want to join or rejoin simply get in touch.
Best to all for 2021

Experience the Euphoric Energy Our Taekwondo Training Generates

Like you, our students are looking to relieve the stress of today’s world, and gain fitness and mental clarity, through the stimulation and rejuvenation that our ZOOM Taekwondo training encompasses.

Taekwondo is unlike any other form of training and can make real and sustainable improvements in your life. We have taught over 10,000 classes and have successfully adapted the best structures for our ZOOM Taekwondo classes to create a fun, engaging, positive experience for everyone.

Why Risk Groups – Train In The Safety and Comfort Of Your Own Home

Ego Free – Fun and Satisfying – Engaging – Highly Personalised – Includes Real Self Defence Techniques – Learn While You Burn

We have seen many, many people not only exceed their expectations but absolutely transform, in areas such as: 

  • fitness
  • calmness
  • self confidence
  • connection to self
  • nutrition
  • weight loss
  • focus
  • academic results
  • career success and more…

It’s not a secret…

Taekwondo has been maintaining and developing people’s physical, mental and spiritual health for thousands of years.

Taekwondo is a highly developed system.

The dynamic and powerful techniques will not only deliver an incredible workout and stress relief but provide a highly effective self defense if needed.

Taekwondo training can maintain optimum fitness and health for your whole life.







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  • ZOOM Taekwondo classes  with Grand Master Lindsay Osborne (8th Dan Black Belt)
  • Assistant Instructor Maria De Rota (6th Dan Black Belt)

Member of World Taekwondo, Kukkiwon, The World Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan Federation