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At Eastern Suburbs Taekwondo we have been helping people deal with the damaging impacts of bullying for over 23 years.

Bullying is one of the most destructive things that people of all ages may face.

Bullying’s process of constant personal degradation can strip confidence and self-esteem in even the most focused, motivated and happy children and adults.

Bullying Definition:

“Bullying is repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological behaviour that is harmful and involves the misuse of power by an individual or group towards one or more persons. Cyberbullying refers to bullying through information and communication technologies.

Bullying can involve humiliation, domination, intimidation, victimisation and all forms of harassment including that based on sex, race, disability, homosexuality or transgender. Bullying of any form or for any reason can have long-term effects on those involved including bystanders.”

Bullying Is Not Just At School

Bullying is extremely common not only in the school environment but also in the workplace, home and sports teams.

The increased popularity and usage of Social Media has also given bullies another arena in which to target their victims.

It is a real life tragedy when a bully takes control of someone.

Taekwondo training is one of the few things that can really make a difference in the victim’s view on self, life and their place in the world.

Image Anti Bullying Programs quote I dont support bullying.The principles of Taekwondo will create a marked improvement in the areas of:

  • Self Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Focus
  • Motivation
  • Awareness
  • Inner Calm
  • Self Defense

It is not surprising that most of these positive character traits have been stolen from the victims.

What may surprise you is that they are also missing in the bully themselves.

In fact, it can be reasonably surmised that the fact the bully is lacking these traits is the exact reason they are stealing them from their victims.

Photo of anti bullying program with the words stop and think. Bullying destroys lives.

With our Taekwondo training and insightful guidance we can restore the feelings of confidence and well being to the victims.

Once this has been achieved children will be keen to attend school again, will quickly lift their falling grades and be the person you remember again.

In fact, a better person than you remember.

Historically, Taekwondo was designed to be a journey of positive character growth along the lines of the Taekwondo Tenets:

  • Courtesy
  • Modesty
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self Control
  • Indomitable Spirit

These are the building blocks to a successful life…in everything.

The “martial” component of the martial art was always to defend your journey of positivity if you encounter violence by someone on a negative path.

The “martial” aspect was and is never to be used as an aggressor. This message is very strongly reinforced to all students.

Our Anti Bullying Programs are a constant component of class training and issues can be raised at anytime for immediate attention.

Our gender breakdown is 50/50 and we have students of all ages from 6 – 65+.

There is no need to be or stay a victim of bullying.

Bullying is preventable and if already started can be quickly stopped.

Anti Bullying Programs Keep Calm And Stop BullyingIt is the Taekwondo mindset that will win out against the bully so of course, without the need for violence!

Stop The Dangers Of Bullying Now!

Our classes are conducted in a mutually respectful and friendly atmosphere. See our testimonial page here.

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