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Taekwondo Is Great For Families

Taekwondo is a fantastic facilitator for “common ground bonding” among family members.

We have many family groups that have not only benefited from Taekwondo individually but have found a natural and mutual respect for each other.

This obviously results in increased harmony and very satisfying family time spent together.

The combination of a Mon/Wed 7.30 class and Sunday’s 6pm class is a perfect starting point for beginners and families.

family friendly taekwondo class
Proud father of 2 NSW Champions Young Tjoa with Kevin and Stephanie. The family came in to watch a class for Kevin but then all 3 decided to start. Nearly 4 years of training together now. FUN FACT: The family can be seen watching that first night in the video to the right. That’s Young in the baseball cap.

Whilst the 7.30 class is a regular training class with all ranks present it has lent itself to be an ideal platform for beginners and families alike.

  • For professionals the 7.30 start time allows for later workplace departures and is a great way to release stress and combat sedentary behaviour and all the harm associated with that.
  • For family groups the 7.30 – 9.00pm timeslot also allows for homework and family dinner to be accommodated before training if necessary and is a great reason for preparing a lighter healthier meal.
  • For friends and couples to start something together that will strengthen the bonds of friendship and develop mutual respect and understanding.

If you are looking for high quality exercise that has a purpose and positive attributes and personal character development Taekwondo is the perfect choice.

taekwondo is great for healthy weight loss
This is an “after and before” shot of Black Belt Hugh Turner. Hugh’s friend Jon Low introduced him to Eastern Suburbs Taekwondo. Hugh lost 36kgs, healthily, nothing radical, and is another Taekwondo success story. FUN FACT: Hugh’s nickname at Uni was “Tubby”. Not anymore!

And, of course Taekwondo awareness and techniques  are great self defense tools creating peace of mind in what’s fast becoming a crazy world.

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Taekwondo – What Is It?


Taekwondo, the “Way of the Hand and the Foot”, is a Korean martial art which traces its roots through the centuries to the ancient fighting arts of the Korean peninsula. Today, Taekwondo is the world’s most widely practiced martial art, with over 20 million practitioners worldwide.

Taekwondo is practiced for the power, grace and beauty of its numerous techniques, whether it be in the practice of the individual techniques or in the practice of synchronized techniques called “poom sae” or “hyung” (forms).
Taekwondo was founded on an ancient code of model citizenship espoused by the earliest practitioners of Taekwondo: loyalty to country; filial piety, honor and integrity, courage in battle and justice in the use of force. Practitioners of taekwondo today strive for these same ideals. Through rigorous physical exertion, the practitioner strives to achieve harmony of mind and body, and indomitable strength of spirit.
Taekwondo has gained recognition as a full-fledged international sport as evidenced by its inclusion as a full medal sport in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Taekwondo has also long been included in the Pan Am Games, Goodwill Games, Asian Games, Pan African Games and numerous other international and regional competitions.
Taekwondo training incorporates extensive stretching and constant aerobic exertion. The results are increased aerobic capacity, strength and awareness of one’s body.
Taekwondo is a complete system of unarmed combat for self-defense. Taekwondo is especially recognized as the martial art with the most highly developed arsenal of kicking techniques, techniques which range from the simple to the spectacular.